Would you like to generate higher revenue and increase customer retention?

Would you like to leverage your investment in interior design?

then a partnership with designArenas is the solution.

Nowadays, people are used to going away to first class destinations and staying in luxury hotels. Both at home and when travelling, these consumers are looking for original luxury products that match their tastes and expectations - personal care products, art, ornaments and attractive accessories for the home. DESIGNARENAS offers a unique multi-lingual shopping service, one which allows hotel guests to buy those luxury products that they use while staying in hotels - items that are often hard to find in conventional retail outlets. By offering this service to your guests, you extend their hotel experience.

Your Advantages:

  1. Higher revenues - DESIGNARENAS pays a commission on items sold from your hotel’s collection.
  2. Increased retention within your clientele, more repeat business and a free additional marketing channel for your hotel - the luxury products that your guests buy will remind them of their stay in your hotel and will be a talking point with friends and family. Staying in the hotel is associated with luxury products bought through DESIGNARENAS' shopping service.
  3. Free advertising for your hotel through the shopping website.
  4. Leverage the booming internet business: indeed 50% of European citizens are ‘connected’; depending on geography, 30 to 60% of them buy weekly or monthly over the internet.

DESIGNARENAS looks after everything and you harvest the benefits – a new revenue stream, greater customer retention and increased brand awareness.

In partnership with luxury hotels and hotel chains in Europe:

1. DESIGNARENAS selects 10 to 15 attractive designer/decoration items used in your hotel or chain. For example, bed or bath linen, boxspring beds, outdoor furniture and other furnishings, lamps, tableware, your existing merchandising collection, etc.

2. DESIGNARENAS negotiates with the suppliers of the selected items.

3. We will provide professional photos if need be, in order to produce an attractive Internet catalogue including photos evoking the hotel’s atmosphere.

4. Partner hotels can now offer this unique shopping service to their guests through marketing materials (postcards, brochures) supplied by DESIGNARENAS .

5. Hotel customers and any individual shopping over the Internet can place orders on line and embellish their living room with designer goods and luxury items.
DESIGNARENAS processes and supplies orders so as to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

6. Customer satisfaction is always followed-up after the order.

7. At the end of every quarter, designArenas sends a complete sales report of the products from the various hotel collections to the partner hotels or hotel chains and pays the corresponding commissions to the partner hotels.

8. Charity work will be funded from the profits generated by DESIGNARENAS . The designArenas fund will be used to support existing organisations in the field of teaching and children's education.

About the company:

DESIGNARENAS is a Belgian private limited company run by Mrs. Dominique D’Heedene. Dominique holds a university degree in applied economics and in IT and has over 20 years’ experience in several positions within various business departments. She speaks four languages fluently.

How to join?

The first ‘designer hotel’ collection has been launched: have a look at www.DesignArenas.com. If you would like to have your own hotel branded collection online for your guests, or if you would like to make an appointment to find out more, then please contact Dominique D’Heedene on +32 478 52 48 50 or by email at ddh@designArenas.com.

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