Shaman.MGX Necklace - Arik Levy -30%

MGX Materialise - Arik Levy

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Shaman.MGX, designed by Arik Levy for Materialise.MGX. The Shaman.MGX jewelry was inspired by multiple worlds and spaces. It is one skin – an inside and outside – and was born in liquid like a baby in a womb. The Shaman.MGX is a vessel where one can place small physical, emotional and spiritual mementoes. It can be carried, like a micro-universe, around the neck. Shaman.MGX is created using 3D printing; Stereolithography (SLA) or SLS prototyping technique and is made out of epoxy or alumide. Choice between black epoxy or epoxy + metal coating or alumide. Leather cord.


Shaman.MGX Necklace - Arik Levy -30%

Design B: 5.2x3x1.5cm/ 2x1.2x 0.6" - Black € 54,961 in stock
Design A: 4.8x2.5x2.5cm/ 1.9x1x1” - Matt Alu color € 60,742 in stock
Design B: 5.2x3x1.5cm/ 2x1.2x0.6" - Matt Alu color € 60,742 in stock