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“ROEDEER” by Big-Game, (CH) for Vlaemsch ( )
His aim is to edit each new year a series of objects that are linked to a self-imposed theme. The first year’s theme is the reinterpretation of the codes of bourgeois furniture. The Roedeer Head is part of this series: a modernised, somehow abstract version of the trophy head, executed in triplicate. “We wanted something light to stress the heavy drama that is usually associated with this object – the killing of the animal and the stuffing of the head.” The multiplex plaques are packed flats according to the kit principle. They fit together forming the head of a roedeer. This product evokes the construction game of our childhood days and proposes an environmental take on the hunting trophy. Made in Belgium.
Material: beechtriplex. Size when mounted: 12,1 X 17,6 X 30 cm - 4.8" x 6.9" x 11.8".


ROEDEER by Big Game -30%

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