Bootbag by Saskia Marcotti -40%

Vlaemsch() - Saskia Marcotti

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“BOOTBAG” by Saskia Marcotti (BE) for Vlaemsch().
Born in 1986, Saskia Marcotti is probably the youngest Belgian designer in history to have had a product in production. BootBag is a perfect example of good design and combines a minimum of effort with a maximum effect. Simply by making a hole in a rubber boot, the boot becomes a most original bag – even the dullest looking person instantly becomes someone attractive and funny. BootBag kicks the ass of all other bags.
Bootbag is available in blue, red and yellow. Rubber: 9 x 24 x 26cm/ 3.5” x 9.4” x 10”.


Bootbag by Saskia Marcotti -40%

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